Oxidized Siding? Clean and Prevent To Restore Like New!

Siding Oxidation-How To Clean

The exterior of your house can be just as important to its appearance and longevity as the interior.

Oxidation, or fading, on painted and non-painted surfaces such as:

  • Hardi Plank,
  • Stucco,
  • EIFS,
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal, Aluminum siding, Painted Metal Roofs, Garage Doors

occurs when Ultraviolet Light breaks down the binders in the paint or surface releasing pigments. The oxidation may also be caused by neglecting proper maintenance as well other causes which may include acid rain from car exhausts.

If you’re noticing your exterior walls looking a little dull, that’s not necessarily just because of the weather. If you’ve been keeping up with things like power washing and sealing and making sure there are no side-by-side seams on windows or doors that might trap moisture, then it’s probably oxidation.

Most often the South facing walls receive the most sunlight and are therefore affected the most by oxidation. If algae grows on your home, it is most prevalent on the North sides of the home- which receives the least amount of sunlight.

How do I know if my house is oxidized?

Homes are prone to oxidation and fading. It happens to all surfaces, just some quicker and more degrading than others.

Luckily there are a few ways you can tell whether your home’s surface is suffering from oxidation and fading. One way to spot this type of damage is visual inspection; surfaces will look dull and have an uneven or chalky appearance.

Another way to find out whether your house needs help with oxidation is through tactile inspection; gently rub a damp rag or your dry hand over the area in question. Make sure to do this is an inconspicuous area, if you do not plan on cleaning immediately, as you will see the clean area left behind.

How do you remove oxidation from vinyl siding?

You may want to remove the oxidation from your siding to improve the appearance or curb appeal of your home if trying to sell. On most surfaces the oxidation is harmless, yet an eyesore.

Cleaning should always be attempted before repainting or replacing! Even budget vinyl can cost around $4 per sq.ft. to replace. Cleaning usually comes in at a fraction of that for most exterior cleaning service providers.

A standard house wash for Southern Solution ranges from $.12 – $.20 cents per sq. ft.

Where an oxidation cleaning for vinyl siding may range $.20 – $.50 per sq. ft. of the sides being cleaned

This cleaning method is usually only required on 1, maybe 2 sides of the home and is priced accordingly.

Typically a medium strength degreaser is applied and brushed in. This process usually takes multiple passes with a brush but can all be done in one trip.

If you choose to do this project yourself you may need to try a few different degreasers from your local box store. be sure they are safe for the siding you are cleaning. We use detergents specific for this but they aren’t available locally

Always do a test area in an inconspicuous area to make sure your chemical is properly diluted and use a soft bristle brush to scrub.

apply your detergent from the bottom up to the top to ensure streaks are not formed. Be sure to let the test spot dry to see results.

Rinse extremely well and keep the detergent off of windows and any sensitive surfaces.

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