How Do You Remove Moss From A Shingle Roof?

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Moss is gently removed by following the shingle manufacturers' recommended cleaning recommendations. Moss will root into your shingles and may push up on the edges causing a potential for leaks. Our treatment will immediately kill the moss, but it will take a few sunny and rainy day cycles to remove the moss roots and [...]

Why Choose Southern Solution?

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We have a fun, rewarding job and take pride in our work. Our team is dedicated to providing you the highest level of quality, service, and professionalism possible.  Our experience, knowledge, and drive for amazing results set us apart from the rest. Pressure washing is an unregulated industry, we have sought out professional training to [...]

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

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Yes, we do! Aside from promotions, we proudly offer 15% off all residential services for Veterans, Teachers, Police, and Seniors!